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Reverse Gijinkas - Dawn by Octoboy-the-8th Reverse Gijinkas - Dawn by Octoboy-the-8th
This is Dawn, who is, for now, my latest degijinkification. Don't worry, Naruto fans, this is the last pokemon trainer for a while. You'll get your characters turned into cute little animals in time. I'm actually getting close to the end of my older art. I'll soon be posting art as I make it (meaning less-than-weekly posting). I'm working on some new art right now, so I'll hopefully have time to do that, especially with Serebii, a great eater of my time, having server troubles.

So, here's Dawn, the newest addition to Pokemon's main group. I hope I didn't offend any fanatic May fans by not degijinkifying her first (though rest assured, you haven't missed out on any boobies... Unless I actually make May into one... Hmm, now there's an idea). I had a better idea of what I was going to do with Dawn, so I drew her.

Looking at pokemon gijinkas, I realized that not all of them were changed from animal-like things, so I figured that it would only make sense if not all people were degijinkified into animals. The more I watched Dawn in the anime, the more I thought she could be turned into a little clefairy-ish critter.

So, I looked her over, and basically tried incorporating every feature of her outfit as possible, and ended up with something of a snover/clefairy hybrid which I think captures Dawn's cutesy, fairyish-ness quite well. I also thought a slightly icy theme would work for the trainer representing the chilly Sinnoh region.

This is also the first time I didn't translate the eyes directly from the original characters'. Dawn does have some pretty distinct eyes, which could be translated (heck, Misty and May's eyes are so similar, some people thought they were the same person), but I thought making the pretty, pearly pink poke ball pattern on her hat into eyes on the white part the hat's translated into made more sense than to pull a pair of eyes from the face area which wasn't translated at all, and stick them onto this new character. Also, it does make for better variety if not all the creatures had eyes like humans.

Enjoy Dawn's fans, and Naruto watchers, hang tight; the next characters to be degijinkified are from your show!

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PurpleIlluzion Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2009  Student General Artist
Lol cool
What type is she?
Octoboy-the-8th Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2009
As I said in the description, probably ice. I'm not sure if these things have types. Brock would obviously be rock, but people like Dawn and Jessie don't have a type theme to go with. Jessie did train mostly poison, but my version of her isn't anything like a poison type. And the Naruto-based ones definitely don't have types.
PurpleIlluzion Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2009  Student General Artist
Lol, a Naruto with a Pokemon element xD
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